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1. When Kyu Hyun joined Super Junior he was assigned to room in with DongHae and Sungmin but unfortunately, without a bed of his own.

2. Not alot of people knew of Bedless KyuHyun until January 9th of 2007, about 8 months after he joined Super Junior.

3. Because he loves his non-existence bed, Kyuhyun wrote a song about that and sang it on January 10th edition of Sukira.

4. Kyuhyun’s bed song : “I was so lucky to able to meet bed because bed would make me smile/laugh by just being near me~ I could find bed even if it goes far away. Because bed is smiling inside of me.”

5. After that bedless Kyuhyun’s story, the fans interested in Kyuhyun as time goes by. He even composed his bed song, for heaven sake. LOL.

6. Before Kyuhyun has bed, he slept in the Dunkin Donut tent. LOOOL!

7. Kangin came back and found kyuhyun sleeping in this dunkin donut tent. Kyuhyun got upset when the members touch or threw it away.

8. Kyuhyun want to have a bed, but he loves his tent so much

9. A parody cartoon / Eeteuk to manager: “We need to get another bed for the dorm otherwise our magnae is going to run away from dorm…”

10. Everything went too far. The bed situation really created a buzz amongst the SuJu fans that January 2007. Fans were talking about it.

11. On January 18th 2007 Kyuhyun shamelessly debuted his Bed Song on TV during the MNet Wide News coverage of their Nii Photoshoot.

12. Kyuhyun was bedless because the Super Junior dorm had no space to accomodate another bed.

13. The managers decided to buy Kyuhyun a bed already. It was put between Teukie’s and Ryeowook’s beds.


source : twitter – @sujuquotes
by : monic