artikel ini sengaja aq tulis dalam bahasa Inggris supaya bisa dibaca dan dimengerti semua orang yang membacanya ^^,, so enjoy 🙂

Today became a shocking moment for all ELFs in Indonesia or maybe all over the world. Lee Donghae, the member of Super Junior had followed one of his fan that called ELF (EverLating Friends) in Indonesia. He followed this girl and became a huge news in Indonesia’s twitterland. Her username is chakyu3226, according to her profile, her real name is Aisyah Pratiwi. In her timeline she also admitted that she really shock. And up till now her timeline still full with the envious of the other Indonesian ELFs.

this is the prove that Donghae is followed her

so many ELFs that jealous of her luck and immediately mention her say that they all are so jealous..

But, unfortunately Donghae just unfollowed this girl. Perhaps, he doesn’t know the languange that fulfill his Timeline.

I think it’s ok! At least Donghae oppa noticed that he has a lot of fans in Indonesia and we want them to come in Indonesia.

source : http://sukogenindo.blogspot.com