19.32 – Concert started!
19.35 – Sorry Sorry (remix ver.) In white suits (Ryeowook and Heechul wears hair)
19.41 – Super Girl (Korean ver. By SJ)
19.46 – Don’t Don
19.51 – No other
19.58 – Self introduce (the VCR showed different people talking in 4 languages about SS3) Ryeowook in Indian, Heechul in French, Shindong in Chinese, Siwon in Spanish (Mathador), Donghae and Kyuhyun as Pharaon, Leeteuk in Saudi arabian.
Eunhyuk said “so hot”
Leeteuk imitated about other 3 members, Kangin, Kibum and Hangeng. Shindong act as Chinaman.
Leeteuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk speak in English.
During the introduction part, everyone laugh at Leeteuk’s outfit. Donghae said it was something that HIS MUM would wear.
20.06 – Confession (by SJ)
20.10 – Good person
20.14 – Rokkugo (SJ-T)

Next is solo performance
20.17 – VCR showing about the 80-year-old E.L.F. Who has passed away with Ballad piano song
20.22 – One Fine Spring Day (Ryeowook in white suits with an acoustic guitar played by Sungmin) everyone sings together.
20.26 – 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸 I temporarily lived by your side (Kyuhyun in black suit singing his idol’s song)
20.39 – Falling out (Sungmin in an unbottoned outfit with 4 girl dancers. Hee took off his shirt half naked)
20.32 – At the backstage live Leeteuk and Donghae has wear wrong performance dress core
20.34 – Looking for the day (Siwon)
20.37 – I wanna love you [Self-composed song with Chance] (Eunhyuk + Donghae with silver jacket) Eunhyuk reveal his abs by lifting up his shirt – 2 guys and 3 girls dancing with him.
Donghae was the vocal and Eunhyuk RAP.At the end took off their coats and throw it to audience and danced closely with the female dancers
SJ keep taking off their tops – Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae
20.40 – The way of Idol’s breaking up (Heechul feat. Sulli) Sulli was all serious but Heechul kept laughing
20.44 – Champion (Shindong accompanied by 6 dancers) He show tattoo on his arm.
20.48 – VCR part got Siwon carry heenim and shindong changes their weapoons to food.
20.49 – 똑똑똑 Ddok ddok ddok (SJ-T Donghae replaced Kangin. All in colorful outfits)
20.52 – 둘이 You & I (SJ-H) They’re carrying each other, Shindong carry Sungmin and Ryeowook, Siwon carry Donghae, Leeteuk carry Kyuhyun. Sungmin is hugging back Donghae. Donghae first hugged Sungmin and sang Sungmin then hugged Donghae and sang. Everyone hugged and piggybacked each other very high.
Kibum is spotted at the VIP place!!!
20.57 – 아주 먼 옛날 Song for you. Donghae and Eunhyuk are doing push-up
Lee DongHae hugged Lee HyukJae on the stage.
21.00 – One night (Trax’s song)
Medley Lady Gaga’s Poker face VS. Beyonce’s Single Lady and Crazy in love
21.03 – Poker face (Lady Gaga’s song) Ryeowook as Lady Gaga. Heechul is wearing wig and Lady Gaga’s outfit and red-high heels.
21.05 – Single Lady. Donghae, Shindong and Ryeowook are wearing skirts. Leeteuk wearing laced tights and heels. Danced and pulled their skirts at the same time.
21.06 – Crazy in love (Beyounce’s song) Leeteuk, Donghae, Shindong, Eunhyuk all in dresses.. and fans can see what they are wearing under it..
21:11 – 안무 동선표 Shake it up (remix ver.) Siwon hugged Leeteuk, Eunhyuk hugged Donghae.
21.14 – Twins Knock out (remix ver.) Donghae’s eyes got hit by firework but they said he’s looks okay.
21.21 – 미워 Hate U, Love U
21.26 – 응결 Coagulation (SJ-KRY) All the fans and members sing together… 8 members are at the main stage.
21:30 – 잠들고 싶어 In My Dream (SJ-KRYSD)
During the VCR with celebrate the litte girl’s birthday..the little girl at 1st said like Eunhyuk the most,then change Donghae at last.
21.38 – VCR playing about Kangin and all members with a sad sound. They are showing him playing violin with the members. Kangin is always in the background. Kangin took off his hat, on stage are white paper flakes and paper planes. Sungmin plays guitar, Donghae makes breakfast, Heechul drinks water, Eunhyuk does gym, Siwon reads book. All the members are going to play basketball together because they are bored. Siwon’s wearing sun-glasses play basketball. Kangin sends us a kiss and heart confeti fall. Hankyung and Kibum are on the VCR too!! Lots of ELFs are crying. “Thank you.. I love you” appeared at the end.
21.42 – Rinaldo
21.44 – 진심 All My Heart
21:47 – 너 아니면 안돼 It has to be you Cinderella sister OST. (Yesung) He cried because ELF is shouting “Kim Jongwoon” When Yesung cried, Ryeowook hugged him.
21:51 – VCR There are Ryeowook, Siwon, Leeteuk. Eunhyuk is dancing.
21.53 – 미인아 Bonamana (Dance Ver.) Siwon with vest with open all the buttons show his abs.
21.59 – 갈증 A man in love (remix ver.)
22.03 – U (remix ver.) Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon and Heechul took off their shirts.
22:07 – Dancing Out (remix ver.)Kyuhyun and Ryeowook also stripped their body. There are many scar’s on Kyuhyun’s body. Eunhyuk went through under donghae’s pants.
22.13 – Concert has end. ELF were singing Marry U while waiting for encore and shout “encore”
22.14 – Encore start! VCR Super Junior cartoon represening 10 fruits & vegetables.. Kyuhyun as Green pepper, Heechul as chilies, Shindong asmushroom, Donghae as onion, Eunhyuk as bean sprouts, Ryeowook as tomato, Leeteuk as white cabbage, Siwon as carrot, Sungmin as pumpkin, Yesung as Broccoli
22.17 – 요리왕 Cooking? Cooking! The boys are in vegetables and fruits costumes. They are having trouble walking around in it.
22:20 – 차근 차근 Way For Love. Donghae asked ELF to throw towels and stuff on stage
22.25 – Talking. Leeteuk hug one boy and claim up to the stage. He running around with the little boy. Donghae asked Siwon to speak Chinese then Siwon asked “Are you ready?” in Chinese. Heechul siad “I’m stupid” in Chinese. They’re keeping in Chinese, advertising their China concert. Sungmin spoke Japanese. Leeteuk spoke Thai, Shindong counted 1-10 and Eunhyuk said hello (สวัสดีครับ) in Thai. Leeteuk said something about 10th and 20th album.
22:30 – You are the one. All the member are crying.
22.34 – Talking.
22.35 – Wonder boy. Donghae ran to backstage and took a back pack out. Siwon carried Kyuhyun on his shoulder.
22.38 – Super Junior said their Thank you’s in many langusges. SJ said” uri super juni-o-e-o” and ELF shouted back.
22.43 – They said “Bye Bye”. They shouted again “uri super juni-o-e-o .. and ELF shouted back “we are ELF-o-e-o
22.45 – The concert ended.

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