PS. The time in the reports are CHINA TIME 😀

⇒ Tonight will have Lady HeeHee performance. Heenim has rehearsal it for last night^^

⇒ 6:20 PM There are crowded of fans lining up for enter in..but the doors haven’t open yet..and the rain hasn’t stop too

Credit: twitter.com/sinyi88 + Choi Min Ji + twitter.com/lizzygeneration

⇒ 6:25 PM The guards that are at the QingDao’s stadium. Fans haven’t enter inside

⇒ 6:30 PM There are some fans have enter inside the stadium^^ Wish C-ELF all the best in QingDao ^^

⇒ 6:45 PM The stage of SS3 in QingDao…Many fans have entered inside the stadium now

⇒ 6:55 PM The stand areas are almost fill up with ELFs. But the sitting areas haven’t full-fill with fans yet

⇒ 6:56 PM The stage for tonight !!! Amazing

⇒ 7:00 PM The designing of stage of #SS3QingDao will mostly same as SS3 in Seoul.but the stage is higher a bit for standing area

⇒ Many ELFs are entering inside the stadium now ^^ The show will start 30minutes soon ^^

Credit: twitter.com/sinyi88

⇒ In the stadium, they’re not playing any SJ songs, they’re playing some advertisements

Credit: 百度superjunior吧电台+ twitter.com/SGSJELFs