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– Description
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Please leave it in the comments area, thank you^^

PLEASE don’t forget to link us TOO.

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8 thoughts on “Affiliates”

  1. Halo ^^
    makasih udah mampir di soshi world ^^
    banner kalian udah ako masukin kok diblog ako hhe*
    makasih udah mau tukeran ^^

    thx ~

  2. Site Name : Wonderfanfiction
    Site Address :
    Our Banner Address :

  3. site name : House of Kr-Jp Stories
    url :


  4. name : Shawol – E.L.F Indonesia
    url :
    banner :

    banner km uda kita pasang d blog kita..;)

  5. annyeong ^^ banner sujuelfone yg kemarin code nya uda expired bisa tolong diganti sama yg ini :

    sorry ngerepotin ya ^_^ thanks sebelumnya..

  6. Nama: All Korean Fanfiction
    Url banner:
    Url blog:

    Url chingu udah ak pasang di wpku, aku gak masang banner soalnya banyak yg g punya banner..hehe 😀

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